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Achievements - Sky Force 2014 Wiki GuideThese are Achievements for Sky Force 2014 which is available on Android and iOS for free. To view and start earning these Achievements you have to log into your Google plus account. Right now there are 27 total though more may be added in the future. Once you login you don’t have to be connected to earn these. Though they won’t trigger until you do log in again.

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Sky Force Achievements

  • I’ve Got The Power 2,000xp – Use any 5 power-ups in a single game.
  • Stellar Superstar 5,000xp – Collect all the stars on Stage 3.
  • They’re No Good in your Pocket 1,000xp – Save 5 power-up at the end of a stage.
  • Medal of Honor 1,000xp – Earn 10 Medals.
  • Badge of Military Merit 5,000xp – Earn 50 Medals.
  • Fidelity Medallion 10,000xp – Earn 100 Medals.
  • It Wasn’t Me 2,000xp – Destroy a lighthouse without touching it.
  • A Token of Gratitude 1,000xp – Rescue 100 people.
  • Rescue Ranger 2,000xp – Rescue 500 people.
  • I kind of like it back There 5,000xp – Rescue 1,000 people.
  • You’ll need more than that, Mantis! 1,000xp – Destroy 1,00 enemies.
  • Getting Good At Breaking Things 2,000xp – Destroy 2,500 enemies.
  • A Really Nice Pat On Your Back 5,000xp – Destroy 10,000 enemies.
  • Handsomely Rewarded 1,000xp – Collect 100,000 stars.
  • Yeah, I’ll Have a Bag of Those 5,000xp – Collect 500,000 stars.
  • Gazing at the Stars 2,000xp – Save 20,00 stars in your bank.
  • Little bit of this, Little bit of that 1,000xp – Use 3 different power-ups in a single game.
  • Unstoppable Grog 2,000xp – Ram through an enemy wave with your Energy Shield.
  • Lord of destruction 5,000xp – Destroy at least 15 enemies with one Mega Bomb.
  • Heat Ray 10,000xp – Burn through 10 enemies with your Laser.
  • I’m Still Alive 1,000xp – Finish a stage with your health lower than 5%.
  • Party Animal 1,000xp – Rescue your friends 20 times.
  • The Command is in your Debt 5,000xp – Rescue 5 VIP’s.
  • To Win the Tournament – Enter the Tournament.
  • Against the Odds 10,000xp – Destroy all enemy towers on Stage 5.
  • House of Cards 5,000xp – Find all the cards, there are 24 total.
  • Cheater! Just Kidding, Your Cool! 5,000xp – Complete stage 8 without using power-ups.
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