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Ace Fishing: Wild Catch WikiAce Fishing: Wild Catch Wiki loaded with tons of info to help you out. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is a mobile game available on Android on Google Play and iPhone/iPad/iOS at iTunes, both places have free downloads though the app does have paid options.

Check back often as this Ace Fishing Wiki can be updated daily.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Wiki

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Ace Fishing is a highly addictive 3D fishing adventure video game with a download count that’s through the roof. The only downfall would have to be it’s must have online connection to play and can’t do so offline, with out this it would probably be the best app ever. Lag can also be an issue with a poor internet connection, not so powerful device, or using emulators like BlueStacks.

Controls for this app are very easy and relaxing using a 1 button system with swipe options for most gameplay actions. Damage is also a good touch as well as loads of data to look at like fish and records. Key are going to be a top priority also with getting some good equipment and buff items to give you the upper hand.

But the biggest and best thing about Ace Fishing: Wild Catch would be it’s fantastic graphics including the water and fish animations. It’s pretty amazing how good they made things look on a hand held device.

Check back often for new tips and strategy to get your further faster with less hiccups and slowdowns. Ace Fishing is sure to have another update or 2 and maybe even a boss to spice things up a little.

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