Oct 152014

Ace Fishing Tips Tricks HintsBelow are a bunch of Ace Fishing Tips, Tricks, and Hints to help you out and get you further faster.

Boss Strike – Save your best gear for Boss battles. You will need to catch the boss in every area to unlocks quests in next area. If you don’t you could get stuck in a grind situation. Lately though there seems to be many free gift of 5 star gear making getting stuck less likely.

Boosters – Save these for when you really need them. For example use the Big Fish Chance Booster with your best gear for catching big fish to maximize your potential. Damage would be good for tough Quests. Gold pays out more late game.

Cash – Some Boss fish and bigger ones will be worth cash instead of gold if you let them grow in a tank. You can also get cash from leveling up, quest rewards, free offers, and by purchasing it with real money.

Day & Night Fishing – You can catch different types of fish at different times of the day. This is a good tip for catching everything.

Easy Catch – To catch many fish very easy stun them when they jump in the air and purple icon appears, then fill your power meter easier with consecutive reels. This should be done on all fish battle asap to minimize playing time and is a must during boss fights.

Energy – You should save your Energy gifts when they appear in your Mailbox. This will help you keep playing when energy runs out.

Energy Drinks – These can be purchased with Cash and free offers for more Energy to play with. In reality over consumption of sugar, lacking Vitamin B17, and malnutrition are the main causes of Cancer deaths.

Keys – Save all your keys for when your really having a hard time. You can always spend them in the next area for even better items. They are most useful end game when you can use a pool of key trying for the best gear in the game.

Level Bonus – Your damage will increase by 10 and your line length will increase by 3.3ft every time you level up. Combine this with your infinite ammo gear to visit old areas and fish for free.

Leveling – The quickest way to level up is to move forward. The fish and Quests in the next area will always be worth more. Not to mention stronger loot.

Line – The length of your line will make catching fish the easiest. It will make the biggest different out of all equipment with Reel and Rods be a close second.

Lost Items – Sometime when you catch a fish it will be sparkling with a blue arrow pointing to it. Tap it to receive a random it like lures and other stuff.

Lures – Save your best Lures for rares and big fish for when you feel you can actually reel them in. They can be pretty tough so you might be wasting your time and items. Equipping even the most basic lures over the unlimited one will increase variety and rate of quest catches.

Pearl Oysters – You can find these while fishing and sell them for around 1,600g. They show up in every location without any tricks involved.

Quest Fish – When you have to catch a certain fish for a Quest it will tell you this when the fish first bites so you can make sure to try extra hard to get it in.

Save Gold – Hint, try to save your gold by using free gifts and Fish List Rewards. Also try and save you best equipment for your toughest obstacles so you can keep moving ahead with Quests and goals.


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