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Ace Fishing Quest List Reward WalkthroughAn Ace Fishing Walkthrough with a growing Quest List including Rewards, and Guides. I recently started playing Ace Fishing and now I’m hooked and can’t stop staren, this Walkthrough will be updated daily with information until finished so check back often for new content.

One of the good things about quest is the ability to purchase our way past one when it may seem to difficult or because you can. Though this can get pretty expensive at later stages in the game.

Daily Quests refresh at 8am PDT3 of these will be refreshed once a day and if they are not completed before the next ones become available they will disappear so it’s a good idea to try and complete them when you can. These can usually be completed on any map and location and many of them are simple earning a certain amount of Gold and completing different fish specifications.

Time Attack Quests – These are available for each area and must be completed in a certain amount of time.

Main Quest List & Walkthrough

1. Waikiki Beach

1. Practice Makes Perfect – Catch Any Fish (2xp 63g) Go fishing in the first area and catch a fish.
2. Jerk the Reel Back! – Use Yanking Skill (4xp 127g) Charge up your power, then swipe up.
3. The Secret of the Power Gauge – Achieve 5 Consecutive Spins x2 (6xp 191g) After reaching the maximum tension your reel will spin charging power, line can break.
4. Power Skills – Use the Power Skill x3 (9xp 254g) Charge up and use our Power Skill 3 different times.
5. Fishing, For Reel – Catch Any Fish x2 (11xp 318g) Reel in any aquatic wild life.
6. The Fish Tank – Place any fish in the Fish Tank x3 (15xp 9,600g) Place 3 fish in your tank, can be the sane kind. DO this by clicking the add button after catching something.
7. Investing in the Future – Buy the Easter Island Fish Tank (20xp 3,000g) Tank cost 9,000g
8. Lures Make All The Difference – Hawaiian Common Lure (24xp 700g) Lure cost 2,100g
9. A True Fishman? – Equip Hawaiian Common Lure (31xp 891g) Go to your Tackle, select the lure, then tap equip.
10. Test Your Luck – Butterflyfish x2 (38xp 3,000g) Use abive lure to get these fish.
11. A Better Fishing Line – Monofilament Line 1 (45xp 1,274g Lucky Key) Purchase this in the Store.
12. Going the Distance – Equip Monofilament Line 1 (54xp 7,600g Monofilament Line 2 x20) Equip the above purchase.
13. Extra Damage! – Wooden Bait Reel (63xp 1,783g) Buy this reel at the Store.
14. Complete Set! – Equip Wooden Bait Reel (63xp 1,783g) Equip the above Reel.
15. With All Your Might – Redfish (63xp 1,783g) This is the Boss fish for the first area, use your fever and make sure to put on all your best gear for better results.

2. Hanauma Bay

1. Hanauma Bay – Javelin Grunter (24xp 139g Lucky Key)
2. A Treasure Chest?!
3. For Better Equipment
4. Upgrade your game!
5. Strength Testing
6. Fish Tank Benefits
7. Expend the Fish Tank!
8. Boost Me Up!
9. Booster Effects
10. For Stronger Fish

3. Lahaina Beach

4. Lower Lake

5. Big Island

6. Minnetonka Beach

7. Challenger Deep

8. Philippine Sea

9. Pacific Ocean

10. Amazon Delta

11. Amazon River

12. Rio Negro

13. Naples

14. Menorca Mahon

15. Bejaia Algeria

For more information you can check out our Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Wiki.


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