Oct 302014

Ace Fishing Power SkillThe Ace Fishing Power Skill is used to help bring fish in faster. When your meter is full swipe Up to use the Power move. This will bring the catch in a short distance. When combined with the Yank skill it can be super effective. Check out the Ace Fishing Wiki for more info.

There are 4 different ways to fill your Power Skill Meter:

1. Consecutive Reels – When you hold the reel button it will spin. When it travels around 5, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17… times without stopping you will fill your Power Meter a small amount each time.

If you over reel the line will break so make sure the tension gauge doesn’t max out for too long. After your catch has been tired out by reducing it’s meter getting consecutive reels will be much easier. Boss fight and rare catches can be tough with short line.

2. Max Tension – When reeling in a fish your tension gauge at the top of the screen will fill up. If you let the meter reach the max point slightly you will gain a small amount of Power. It’s important to not over due it and just pass slightly into the max zone. Release after Power is gained to prevent the line from breaking. Once you back out of the max zone you can re-enter for the same power bonus. This can be done an infinite amount of times.

This is the most effect and fastest way to fill you Power Skill. Doing this rapidly can also help the fish from going out too far while you build up.

Unfortunately it’s a double edged sword. This can result in loosing more fish from line breaks. This is especially so for device the run slower or have lags.

3. Long Battle – When you have been trying to catch a fish for about 30 seconds you will get and automatic Power boost. The amount is about 1/5 of your meter. When you get the timing down you can prevent getting this when your already full.

4. Tired Fish – When you have emptied a fishes yellow meter it will have no more fight left. You Power Skill will charge rapidly with doing anything. This is probably the least useful as the fight is already over.


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