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An Ace Fishing Item Reset Ticket will remove stars and re-roll an items blue stats. Remove any upgrades you have purchased bringing the item back to level 1. It’s best to do this right away so not to waste currency. Check out the Ace Fishing Wiki for more info.

To use a ticket you will also have to pay a certain amount of gold or cash. Some upgrade will require more than 1 Normal ticket while you can always use just 1 Premium. You should save these than re-roll when you first get a new item. For more information tap the “?” in game on the Item Reset screen.

To use you’ll need to choose the desired Rod or Reel and tap the Reset Item button. Lures and Lines don’t work with tickets. The high quality the equipment the bigger the cost of resetting. Unrepairable things can’t be re-rolled.

Ace Fishing Item Reset Ticket

Ace Fishing Normal Item ResetNormal Item Reset

This works with all items, but you may need to use more than one for stronger gear. Can be obtained from successful catches with a fixed chance. Can be obtain from fish when they sparkle after you catch them about 1 out of 20 catches. You can get more than one at a time.

Ace Fishing Premium Item ResetPremium Item Reset

You will always need only one of these to reset and items stats. Works the same as Normal above. Can only be found inside Treasure Chests. Harder to come by and should be saved for higher levels, Bosses, and rare fish.

Blue Stats

These can appear on both Rods and Reels and are whats re-rolled with tickets.

Big Fish Bonus – Raises your chances of catching size SSS.

Damage РIncreases  base damage.

Gold Bonus – Earn more gold from catches.

Location Damage – Gain damage bonus for fishing in certain location like Hawaii.

Power Skill Gauge Increase – Gain more power bar for actions.

Rarity Bonus – Better chance to reel in rare fish.

Yanking Skill Damage – Cause more damage when yanking.


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    What is the recommended Rod and Reel damages in order to have more chance to catch 4/5 star fish in Amazon river onwards ?
    I’ve a +7 Heavy Kevlar Spinning Rod with 6347 damages plus +8 Fancy Glass Spin Reel with 2821 damages and using lifeline still cannot catch Dorado etc fish !

    Appreciate your recommend so don’t have to waste unnecessary try !

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