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Ace Fishing EnergyAce Fishing Energy is use to go fishing. Without energy you can’t cast your reel. There are several ways to replenish it with waiting being the most common. Fishing responsible and catching most of your fish will result in a fast flow of things.

Check out the Ace Fishing Wiki for more info. There are many different ways to refill your energy which I’ll go over below:

Ace Fishing Energy

Ace Fishing Energy MeterTime – Once Energy drops below 15 it will recover 1 every 10 minutes.Once you hit 15 the recharging will stop until you use more.

On many apps that have time limits you can usual change the time on your device to trick the app into thinking you waited, this may or may not work for Ace Fishing. This can however result in you having to keep the time ahead or else Energy can go far into the negative. This can also disorient your personal life having a device with the wrong time and date.

Energy Drinks – These can be purchased with Cash or gotten by completing free offers. These can get really expensive fast and Cash is better spend on gear. You can not get these any other way besides purchase.

Level Up – Each time you increase your level you will fill your Energy Meter and gain 1 Cash. Try to anticipate this to prevent wasting other resources.

Mailbox – While playing you will get mail that when collected will fill your Energy. Mail will only last for 14 days, but it’s a good idea to save them for when you really need it.

You can also get mail from friends that will increase it 1 or 3. You can send your friend Energy, but it will come out of your supply.

Some mail and Quests rewards will increase it well over the max of 15. It will not increase unless you drop it below 15 again or use more mail gifts.

Promo Codes – These can be acquired from social media, gift certificates, and other promotional stuff. Not easy to come by and not usually free.

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