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Ace Fishing Boss Strike Reward GuideAn Ace Fishing Boss Guide with info on Strike’s and Reward. Bosses are usually the most valuable fish in each location and the hardest to catch. Check out the Ace Fishing Wiki for more info.

Boss fish can be very hard to catch on your first attempt and usually are not available until after a few missions in that area. If you do come into contact with the boss and loose it will have 5% less energy making next time a little easier. When the quest does come available you should fish a few times then equip your best gear. The time between boss catches can be long so it’s best to go all in when trying to catch it.

Ace Fishing Boss Guide

Lv Location: Boss Name – Set Name, Reward


Lv 1 Waikiki Beach – Flames of the Sea
D Monofilament Line 1 x12
C 1260g
B Hawaiian Rare Lure x12
A 2520g
S Rarity Booster x10
SS Cash x3
SSS Lucky Key

Atlantic Green Parrotfish (Female)

Lv 6 Hanauma Bay – Queen of Everything
D Monofilament Line 1.5 x12
C 2520g
B Hawaiian High-end Lure x5
A 5000g
S Big Fish Chance Booster x15
SS Cash x4
SSS Silver Key x1


Lv 11 Lahaina Beach – Little Emperor
D Monofilament Line 2 x15
C 4725g
B Hawaiian High-end Lure x11
A 11,000g
S Damage Booster x20
SS Cash x5
SSS Silver Key x1

Freshwater Bass

Lv 16 Lower Lake – Great Eater of the Lake
D Polyethylene Line 1 x12
C 7200g
B Minnetonka Rare Lure x12
A 9000g
S Damage Booster x25
SS Lucky Key x1
SSS Cash x6

Paddle Fish

Lv 21 Big Island – Living Fossil
D Polyethylene Line 1.5 x12
C 9000g
B Minnetonka High-end Lure x7
A 14,000g
S Damage Booster x15
SS Cash x8
SSS Silver Key x1

Rainbow Trout

Lv 26 Minnetonka Beach – Palate Pleasing
D Polyethylene Line 2 x15
C 13,500g
B Minnetonka High-end Lure x10
A 20,000g
S Damage Booster x30
SS Cash x10
SSS Silver Key x1

Giant Sea Bass

Lv 31 Challenger Deep – Giants Under Water
D Fluorocarbon Line 1 x12
C 12,600g
B Mariana Rare Lure x12
A 14,400g
S Lucky Key x1
SS Cash x10
SSS Silver Key x1


Lv 37 Philippine Sea – Legendary Fish
D Fluorocarbon Line 1.5 x11
C 13,200g
B Mariana High-end Lure x6
A 18,000g
S XP Booster x1
SS Silver Key x1
SSS Cash x13

Great White Shark

Lv 43 Pacific Ocean – Outlaw of the Sea
D Fluorocarbon Line 2 x12
C 16,200g
B Mariana High-end Lure x12
A 36,000g
S Damage Booster x40
SS Cash x12
SSS Silver Key x1


Lv 50 Amazon Delta – Enemies of the Pirahna
D Kevlar Line 1 x12
C 18,000g
B Amazon River Rare Lure x15
A 24,750g
S Rarity Booster x30
SS Silver Key x1
SSS Cash x15


Lv 57 Amazon River – Emperor of the Amazon
D Kevlar Line 1.5 x11
C 24,750g
B Amazon River High-end Lure x7
A 28,000g
S Lucky Key x1
SS Cash x15
SSS Silver Key x1

Redtail Catfish

Lv 64 Rio Negro – Predators of the River
D Kevlar Line 2 x11
C 26,400g
B Amazon River High-end Lure x11
A 44,000g
S Silver Key x1
SS Cash x20
SSS Gold Key x1

Blackfin Tuna

Lv 72 Naples – Slim Line
D Metal Line 1 x10
C 25,500g
B Mediterranean Rare Lure x13
A 27,300g
S XP Booster x50
SS Cash x20
SSS Gold Key x1

Sleeper Shark

Lv 80 Menorca Mahon – Quiet Predators
D Metal Line 1.5 x11
C 29,700g
B Mediterranean High-end Lure x7
A 35,000g
S Silver Key x1
SS Cash x25
SSS Gold Key x1

Lv 88 Bejaia Algeria: Under Construction
More Coming Soon!

Boss Strike

You will always know when you have a boss on the line cause the message “Boss Strike” will show up on the screen. The last quest in very area is to catch the local boss fish, though you will come across it once or twice before the quest shows up.

Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats

Boss Stamina – Each time you meat a boss and loose his stamina will be reduced by 5% the next time you attempt to catch it.

Easy Catch – Equipping your best gear and use your fever power up will make thinks much easier most often. Check your mailbox for gifts from the developers as you will often get very strong equipment. Many of the Rods will be way over powered for your area.

Line – Having the best string you can will make the most difference because of drag strength. The fish will be able to travel further from you before the line breaks to.

Rareness – You can make the catch longer by putting up a bigger battle when reeling in. The more you use swipe up and left/right moves the better. It will always be 5 stars, but the length will increase raising the value. The same goes for every fish in the game.


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