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Absorption - Minute Quest SkillsAbsorption is a skill in Minute Quest that allows you to recover HP with each hit on a monster. The amount of HP recovered is Damage/100 so the more damage you can do the more health you’ll regain.

Skills like Mach Hit and SuperMach compliment Absorption very well as they increase attack speed. Recovery is another good one that will heal HP passively increasing survivability. It’s also good for when your stuck in an area and don’t want to die and walk all the way back. Just sit back for awhile till Hp fills back up.

When moving forward Absorption will eventually become obsolete as damage caused by monster will overwhelm you HP recovery. Where this skill really shines is when you travel to a distance where enemies are too tough. Then you can turn around and head back the way you came while filling up HP. When your full turn around and head into the fray again.

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Absorption Sets

Besides faster hit speed I’m not really sure what people are looking for in this skill. I don’t use it and always op for the pause and heal technique. I’ve listed what I think might be useful, but you can experiment with the combos below to find something that might fit your needs.

Absorption, SuperMach = ThiefSwd DAR, VampCape DAR, Pokey EAR
Absorption, Paralyse = ThiefSwd DAR, VampCape DAR, Baal
Absorption, Cursed = ThiefSwd DAR, VampCape DAR, HandSel DAR
Absorption, CritUp40 = Scythe, Queenly, Unicorn LGT
Absorption, Reflect, MGaurdUp40 = AngelArm LGT, Queenly, Unicorn LGT
Absorption, DeathMarch, ScapeGoat = ThiefSwd DAR, VampCape DAR, Zomble DAR
Absorption, Recovery 10, PowUp20 = ThiefSwd DAR, VampCape DAR, Bat DAR

Absorption Weapon & Armor Combos

These are all of the Weapon and Armor combos for the Absorption skill without a pet. You can change the pet with the combinations below to find other sets that I have not listed above.

Hose + FrogSuit
Leek + RockArmr
ThiefSwd + VampCape
Eyeball + BoneCape
Crystal + InvCloak
Reaper + GoreArmr
LolliPop + Onesie

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