Jan 032015
Simcity Buildit Strategy Guide

A Simcity Builtit Strategy Guide going over the basics and what to look out for. This game is really nothing like other Simcity titles. It’s much more like the mass amount of build and wait type games that have seem to taken over mobile devices. This strategy guide will show you what to look out [...]

Jan 022015
Simcity Buildit Walkthrough

This is a brief Simcity Buildit Walkthrough because there really isn’t much to the game. This walkthrough will go over what the player should do to be successful at everything. Many people starting out my not see it at first, but this Simcity is nothing like the others. I wouldn’t even call it a city [...]

Jan 012015
Simcity Buildit Waste Management

Simcity Buildit Waste Management becomes available when the player reaches level 14. When this happens Sims will start to complain about the garbage filling up the city. This will also make them less happy until the problem is remedied. For this reason it’s always a good idea to try and save currency and be ready [...]