Dec 022014
City Island 2 Wiki Guide Help

This City Island 2: Building Story Wiki & Guide has various info and help. City Island 2 is a simulation game free to play developed by Sparkling Society. It has many similar elements in other city builders like placing roads and making sure everything has power. This wiki is updated regularly so check back often [...]

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Dec 022014
Block Story Recipes List Guide Book

A Block Story Recipes Book list and guide. You can access your recipe book by entering your inventory then tapping the book in the bottom left corner of your screen. There are about 160 total recipes including 128 that are open from the beginning and 33 that must be unlocked via a quest. For more [...]

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Dec 012014
Block Story Wiki Guide Help

A Block Story Wiki & Guide with Help to shine light on things. Block Story is a simulation game developed by  Mindblocks  and is like Minecraft with an RPG story line. Mine down deep for all kind of materials for crafting and equipment making. Complete quest from NPC’s found around the world. Gain experience and [...]

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Dec 012014
Buff Knight Walkthrough Tips Strategy

This is a Buff Knight Walkthrough that will help answers some of those questions. At first you will only be able to play Story Mode. After beating it you will unlock Endless Mode. Both have there own Artifacts that will be obtainable after completing the story once. For more info check out the Buff Knight [...]