Dec 052014
Dead City Walkthrough

This is a Walkthrough for Dead City which is a mobile games developed by Com2uS and is available on Android and iOS. You can click on the numbers below to watch a YouTube video showing strategy and equipment for each day. Visit our Dead City Wiki & Guide for more info. S Rank Walkthrough & Gameplay [...]

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Dec 042014
Brave Trials Classes

There are 3 different classes to choose from in Brave Trials. You can be a Fighter, Mage, and Rogue each with there own male and female version. Gender does nor effect stats, only looks. Each class starts with 3 skill and will obtain another at level 15, 20, and 30. Select your class and name [...]

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Dec 032014
Brave Trials Wiki Guide Help

Brave Trials Wiki & Guide with tons of info and Help. Brave Trials is and MMORPG developed by IGG.COM. It’s free to play with in app purchase and available on Android and iOS. You will need an internet connection to play. The amount of things to do can seem a bit overwhelming at first. But [...]

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Dec 022014
City Island 2 Power Guide

A City Island 2 Power Guide to help you make sense of things. Power is needed for every building in the game. You can place a power plant anywhere on the map and electricity will count towards all buildings. You don’t have to connect power lines or roads like other city simulators. Every building will [...]

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Dec 022014
City Island 2 Friend Codes

This is a growing list of City Island 2 Friend Codes. You can use these in game to gain 5,000 cash for free. You’ll be prompted to enter a code when you reach level 2. Codes are not capital sensitive so you can enter lower and uppercase letters. When the window pops up just enter [...]

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