Dec 272014
Simcity Buildit Tips

Below is a growing list of Simcity Buildit Tips. If you have some Simcity Buildit Tips to share feel free to leave them in the comments. These tips can be updated daily so check back in the future. For more information on game add-ons check the official website. Simcity BuildIt Tips Best City – [...]

Dec 252014
City Island 2 Water Resort

The Water Resort is place on water tiles in City Island 2. First you have to buy a piece of the ocean like it was a land tile. The you can place up to 4 Water Resorts for cash. They will build instantly when first purchased with cash, then upgrade fast making them quick to [...]

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Dec 252014
Free Video Games for PC & Consoles

Free Video Games for PC & Consoles with limit per give: 3-5 games, 1 console, and 1-2 from the what the heck is that pile. These are 100% free video games. I don’t have any digital formats though you can find a ton of Free Online Games here. Sorry if I don’t answer everyone, toooo [...]

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