Nov 072014
Minebuild TNT

Minebuild TNT is a placeable block found in your inventory when you start a new game. Thankfully this TNT does explode when ignited with a plunger from the Objects tab in your inventory. For more visit our Minebuild Wiki. You can lay a trail of TNT or make a giant group ready for demolition. Simply [...]

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Nov 062014
Minebuild Wiki Guide Blocks Mobs

A Minebuild Wiki Guide for the Android only app by Mohit Dev. Minebuild is a Minecraft clone with fewer options. The graphics are very good and probably being one of the best in it’s mobile class. Hopefully this app will have an update in the future and maybe with some RPG elements. Until then building [...]

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Nov 062014
Minute Quest Boss Set Distance Guide

Below is a Minute Quest Boss Guide with helpful Sets, Builds, and Distance locations. If you can survive 1 hit any Boss can be beaten with patience. More HP recover will speed up the waiting process. Some builds can rely on Evasion rather than Tanking. HP will regen as long as the app isn’t closed so you [...]

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Nov 052014
Minute Quest Pets Bosses Shops Distance

Below are Minute Quest Weapon, Armor, Pet, and Bosses Distance. I made this so I didn’t have to run all over to find locations for Skill items. It just so happens to be a pretty useful tool. Using Ctrl+F will save a ton a time searching through here. Visit our Minute Quest Wiki for more info. Weapon [...]

Nov 032014
Minute Quest Combinations Combo List Sets

Minute Quest Combinations and Combo List Sets organized by distance. Below are everything from early to late game combinations. There are a ton of combos so I have left off many of the weaker ones. Update: This post has moved to Skill & Set page. The Random button in your Equip menu is great for [...]

Nov 012014
Minute Quest Wiki Guide Skill Build Pet Set

This Minute Quest Wiki Guide will have most relevant content to whoop this app easy. Combinations below for Weapons, Armor, and Pets along with Item location. Check back often as this Minute Quest Wiki Guide will be up dated regularly. Though this game has the word Minute in it’s tile you will probably be playing [...]