Nov 072014
Worldcraft 2 Download

Below you can download Worldcraft 2 from it’s official file locations at Google Play and iTunes which are always up to date. Worldcraft 2 is a Minecraft look alike with different graphics and less features, though it’s free making it something worth checking out. Features include: Survival Mode – Start with nothing and work your way up [...]

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Nov 072014
Worldcraft 2 Videos

Below is a growing collection of Worldcraft 2 Videos from gameplay to guides and strategy. Check back often as new videos can be added daily. Sadly Worldcraft 2 has been taken of the Google Play market without a reason why. Either it was too addicting or Notch had a tantrum. The above video shows different [...]

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Nov 072014
Worldcraft 2 Wiki

A Worldcraft 2 Wiki with information on various aspects including Guides, walkthroughs, mobs, equipment, and more. Check back often as this wiki is updated regularly and will more than likely contain new content the next time you stop through. Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment, no need to log in, spam will be [...]

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