Dec 312014
Simcity Buildit Golden Keys

Golden Keys are needed to place Specializations in Simcity Buildit. If your wondering how to get Golden Keys they can be acquired by Shipment and Disaster Challenges. Shipments will produce them at a slow rate while Disasters can get you a lot fast. For more info visit our Simcity Buildit Wiki & Guide. Shipment – [...]

Dec 312014
Simcity Buildit Sewage

Removing Simcity Buildit Sewage is essential for a city to grow. Without proper sewage removal the water will be undrinkable. This makes Sims unhappy and in return they pay less taxes. Placement for all building is easy enough. Just put it next to any roads and the whole city will start to get cleaned up. [...]

Dec 302014
Simcity Buildit Wiki Guide

A growing Simcity Buildit Wiki and Guide. Simcity Buildit is the newest installment of Sim fun. This wiki and guide can be updated daily so check back often. If there is anything you feel should be added to this wiki please let us know in the comments. Simcity Buildit Wiki Guide Content Best Layout Buildings [...]

Dec 302014
Simcity Buildit Disasters and Challenges

Below is info regarding Simcity Buildit Disasters and Disaster Challenges. Since Simcity Buildit is so new check back in the future for updates to this post. In the mean time read on for eye opening content to help plan ahead. For tricks on how to make things easier check out our Simcity Buildit Tips. What [...]

Dec 302014
Simcity Buildit Simoleons Easy Money

If your looking how to get Simcity Buildit Simoleons than go no further. Simoleons are the most common type of currency in Simcity Builtit. Below I’ll guide you through the many ways to earn Simoleons and get easy money. This post can be updated daily so check back in the near future. For more info [...]

Dec 292014
Trivia Crack Not Working Answers

Is Trivia Crack Not Working? Check below for solutions and answers to different reasons Trivia Crack isn’t working. If you have fixed an issue not working that isn’t listed here feel free to leave a comment to help others. For more info visit our Trivia Crack Wiki & Guide or check out some Tips and [...]

Dec 292014
High School Story Tips Wiki

High School Story Tips and Tricks with other Wiki type info. This list of High School Story Tips can be updated daily. Check back in the future for more tips. If you have anything to share feel free to leave it on the comments below. Depending on popularity, information on this post can branch of [...]

Dec 292014
Clash of Kings Tips Wiki

Clash of Kings Tips with Wiki like organization. This Clash of Kings Tips and Wiki post can be updated daily so check back in the future. This app was developed by Elex Inc and is currently only available on Android. Clash of Kings Tips Wiki Best Faction – The best factions would be the ones [...]

Dec 282014
Trivia Crack Add Friends Here & How To

If your wondering how to add friends in Trivia Crack you’ll need a Facebook account. To Add Friends go to the Profile Menu>Rankings. In Rankings you can add people who are already on your friends list.  Below is a growing list of people who are looking for Trivia Crack friends to play with. Feel free to [...]